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Breaking: Hasbro Announces Rebelle Agent Bow at 2014 London Toy Fair

A real, string-powered bow joins the Rebelle line-up.

Bloggers over at UK Nerf have gotten their hands on a few new product images today, including pics of one, all-new addition to the Nerf Rebelle line-up: the Agent Bow. This string-tension powered bow includes “the first ever Nerf Rebelle foam-dart arrows” that will apparently hit distances of up to 85 feet. It will be available this fall for $29.99.

In addition to the fact that this is a real, working bow (as opposed to something powered by springs or flywheels), we’re intrigued by this single note in the press release: “the Agent Bow features an electronic glowing red dot that provides better aiming accuracy with every shot.” Could this be the start of a series of more fully-developed scopes and sights (as hinted at in the Demolisher tease), or is this nothing more than mostly cosmetic “Light Beams” we have already seen in blasters like the Firestrike?

Agent Bow | Nerf Rebelle

Whatever the case, we’re excited to see a real bow join finally the Rebelle line-up. Though frankly, with the popularity of bow-toting, female protagonists in movies like The Hunger Games and Disney’s Brave, we’re a bit surprised it took this long to come to market. We’ll have more as details become available.

  • ZergRush

    It may seem strange, but after looking this new bow, I have to say I think it looks cooler than, and I am more excited for this release than the Thunderbow. I’m not a huge fan of the Thunderbow design, but I do like this one!