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Nerf Rhino-Fire Official Details: Wal-Mart Exclusive, $99.99 USD, More…

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire formally announced!

Thanks to a leak from Amazon, Spain, Hasbro is now officially announcing the existence and availability of the all-new Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire. The official press release, pricing, availability, blaster details, and a new, high-res photo are all here!

Without further delay, here is the official press release for the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire, which is believed to be the “ultimate holiday blaster” we’ve been hearing about:


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/Available: Fall 14)

Dominate the competition with the biggest, baddest NERF blaster yet! The N-STRIKE ELITE RHINO-FIRE blaster is the first fully automatic NERF blaster featuring rapid-fire, double barrel blasting, an amazing 50 dart capacity and two N-STRIKE ELITE dart drums, turning ordinary battles into extraordinary ones. The epic RHINO-FIRE blaster sends darts soaring impressive ELITE distances of up to 90 feet, and features both a front handle for mobility and tripod to ensure awesome accuracy. Includes 50 N-STRIKE ELITE darts.  Six “D” batteries required, not included. Available exclusively at Walmart.

This is not in the press release, but we are also being told by Hasbro PR that although this will be available exclusively in the US at Walmart, international availability is currently TBD. In addition, Hasbro’s PR folks have confirmed, “the barrels alternate, and it is an electronic powered blaster… electronic meaning, electronic powered where you hold down a lever.” We have also confirmed that the blaster is indeed flywheel-based.

So what do you think? Will this make-up for the disappointments of some recent Nerf “flagship” products, or is it just icing on the cake on top of the recent excitement surrounding the Elite Demolisher and Zombie Strike Slingfire additions to the Nerf line-up? Is the $99.99 price-point a fair price for what looks to be this year’s largest Nerf blaster? Will the Six (6) “D” batteries make it too darn heavy to carry? What about the international availability question? Give us your opinion, and keep it here for all the latest announcements!

Nerf Rhino-Fire Large


  • me

    this fucking beast is worth every penny like a hooker.

  • elijah leighton

    i’ll probably get it considering it gets good ranges and fire rate and it looks like it might be flywheel

    • Blaster Labs

      Indeed, it was confirmed after the initial posting that this will be flywheel-based.

      • elijah leighton

        nerf has my attention now! it would be cool if you could select between alternate fire between the two barrels or at the same time

  • Brian Blood

    It looks like a double barreled Vulcan with new elite internals that runs clips.

  • Jamie Leigh Dainard

    canada needs this

  • CybranWarrior

    i dont know why everybody is wondering about the batteries…the stampede and vulcan had 6 D batteries

    • Houghten

      The Swarmfire ran on 6 Cs instead and I don’t remember anybody complaining about the range…

  • Mica T

    I honestly think $99.99 for this is ridiculous, if we break this down, it is basically 2 rapidstrikes, a tripod and the an upgrade from 18 dart mag to 25 dart drum, rapidstrike cost $30-$40 in the USA so really this should be somewhere between $60 and $80 unless for some reason the drums cost an unreasonable amount to make. being $100 it would be cheaper to buy 2 rapidstrikes and mod them together. The only difficult thing would be putting in a circuit that fires the 2 rapidstrikes in alternating fashion, and if you go that far you might as well add 2 functions allowing you to fire only one side so you can fire, run out and while reloading fire the other side. This really shouldn’t cost $100. the $75 tag on the cam ecs was already ridiculous and now they expect people to pay out more? Nerf has effectively increased what they expect customers to pay by 125% with the cam ecs and 166.66% with this off of the most expensive previous blaster being the stampede at $60 which people at the time thought was a lot. I feel like NERF is going to suffer heavy profit loses due to the huge price tags like what happened with the centurion.

    • erickrarick

      So, lets be generous and say $30 per rapidstrike. That is $60. Upgrade for the drums, throw in an extra $20 total, so $80. $10 for the tripod… $90. Oh wait, the barrels have alternating recoil action? Why I do believe I’d pay an extra $10 for that as well. $100.

    • Houghten

      And yet, I feel jealous of your $99.99 price tag.

      Argos have just put it up for £99.99, which translates to $161 or so.

  • Vincent Oliver

    nerf anti-aircraft

  • amitelia

    i think 6 D BATTERIES is a darn heavy to care indeed… the price of the blaster and the price of the batteries are pretty darn high.. it kindda useless when you think about it.

  • Aves

    $100 doesn’t come as a surprise, think of it as 2x rapid stikes ($40 x 2) plus cosmetics plus 2x 25 dart drums. Equals $100 in my book. I hope the tripod is the same as the vulcan’s

  • Rick

    I’ll need a handle across the top for Predator style mowdowns LOL

    but I gotta go to a walmart to get one of these? Target’s bad enough

  • vulcaner

    the tripod looks like a stampede tripod. i’ll buy it used

  • vhhg d th km j

    Hallelujah we now have the power of a God in are nerf Ridenour hands ha