Another official RIVAL product demo from Hasbro showcases the $25 model. 

Since not everyone has yet to experience Hasbro’s new Nerf RIVAL blasters first-hand, we thought we’d go ahead and post another video showing the blasters in action. This time, it’s the RIVAL Apollo XV-700 that is being demonstrated. Not to give anything away, but we actually like the Apollo quite a bit, as it seems to have a slight range and accuracy advantage over the larger Zeus, and it’s certainly cheaper and easier to hold for extended periods of time. Of course, you’ll find out all about that in our official reviews, which are still in the works (our review of the new RIVAL line is a bit more in-depth than usual, and is slated to include an analysis of acoustics, effects of ammunition inconsistency, accuracy at various ranges, and other interesting tests). Stay tuned!

While we’re working on our reviews, here’s an official RIVAL video from Hasbro. 

While we’re working on the official Blaster Labs review of the new Nerf RIVAL products (the Zeus and the Apollo), we thought we’d go ahead and post one of the official product demos from Hasbro themselves. This is different than the take-it-or-leave-it “Behind the Scenes” videos that Hasbro PR has been sending to us. Instead, this series–spotted by Nerfmaster8 and others over on Reddit–takes a more cut-and-dry, fact-based approach to product promotion that we tend to prefer. Take a look for yourself and see what you think. There are lots more of these in the series, including one for the RIVAL Apollo, so head on over to the official Nerf YouTube Channel if you want to see more. And yes, our own official review of the Zeus and Apollo will be coming soon!

Nerf RIVAL Rounds Weight Inconsistencies Banner

Could extreme weight variances in the new Nerf ammo spell trouble? 

Earlier today, a review of the Nerf RIVAL Apollo over at Bay Area Nerf suggested Hasbro might be seeing some quality control issues with its new Nerf RIVAL ammo, noting that differences in both weight and density were apparent. Initially, we chalked this up to either the typical production variances we’ve seen with all foam-based ammunition, or possibly even to B.A.N. not calibrating their measuring devices properly between tests. But with our curiosity piqued, we broke out our own testing equipment to see what was up. And with the results now in-hand, we’d like to publicly apologize to Bay Area Nerf for doubting their findings. Houston Pawtucket, we may indeed have a problem.

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Nerf RIVAL Preview Small
Blaster Labs Exclusive

It has come to pass: the gods are among us!

Earlier than expected, the Hasbro fall fan shipment has arrived on our doorstop (thank you, Hasbro!). There were lots of goodies inside, including the two DoomLands blasters, new MEGA and Zombie Strike blasters, a full kit of MODULUS products, a Doominator, and some other treats. But what we really wanted to get our hands on were the Nerf RIVAL (yes, “RIVAL,” singular) blasters packed inside: the Nerf RIVAL Zeus MXV-1200 ($49.99) and the Nerf RIVAL Apollo XV-700 ($24.99)–both available in August. We were very impressed during our very brief hands-on time with prototypes at Toy Fair, so we were more than curious to experience the final production units. And now we have!

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Dart Zone Available Online Banner
Blaster Labs Exclusive

Updated site makes it easier to purchase Dart Zone’s expanding line-up of products.

By now, the Dart Zone Scorpion is near legendary. It was the first blaster we tested that could fire up to 100 feet-per-second, right out of the box. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s incredible performance earned it a “Runner Up” ranking in our 2014 Product of the Year awards. Frankly, we were stunned by what Prime Time Toys had achieved with the Scorpion, and we couldn’t wait for what would come next. Now, Dart Zone is responding by not only releasing new blasters, but making them all available online.

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Reddit users spot the latest Halo blasters in Halo 5: Guardians arena match.

We’ve been covering all the latest Halo blaster announcements from our friends at BOOMco since we first spotted the Needler back in February at Toy Fair. More recently, we received word about Comic-Con exclusive blasters that would soon come to market, and now, thanks to the watchful eye of Reddit, we’re now seeing a few of these Halo-themed blasters strut their stuff.

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