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Can the new Nerf “flagship” blaster unseat the current king of the Elite? 

On paper, the idea of adding a video camera to a Nerf blaster makes all the sense in the world. With GoPro-style videos all the rage, why not add a camera to capture some epic foam battles? And why not have said camera replace the traditional targeting scope to give this blaster some cool, new functionality? Build a zillion, sell ‘em at Christmas, make a bundle, done. Or so it would seem. But the reality of Hasbro’s $79.99 Nerf Cam ECS-12 dream started sinking-in not long after the initial announcement back in January, when Hasbro’s then most expensive blaster to-date received a lukewarm public response, stirred by implications that it was little more than a combination of Stryfe internals in a Rapidstrike CS-18-esque shell with a sub-par camera thrown-in for good measure. So now that we have a Nerf Cam ECS-12 on hand, we decided to put it up against its doppelganger and the former range-topper of the Elite line, the Rapidstrike CS-18. Let the battle begin.

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Best of the Rest - Header
Blaster Labs Exclusive

Promoting our fellow bloggers while extending coverage for our readers.  

Some of you may have noticed a new addition to our site called “Best of the Rest,” which can be found in the small box just above our “Recent Posts” column on the right-hand side. We wanted to take a moment to explain this new component, as we feel it’s an important feature that both our readers and fellow bloggers should know about. We also want to make sure there’s not any confusion about what it means, or why it has been added.

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Box | Nerf | Hasbro
Blaster Labs Exclusive

We go hands-on with the latest cardboard box from Hasbro!

We heard rumors from Hasbro PR that a fall, 2014 Nerf box would be headed our way, and though we missed the Saturday delivery, yesterday that box arrived at our doorstep. Of course, boxes from Hasbro are always the subject of great anticipation, but this one looked particularly intriguing. Clearly larger than the spring, 2014 box, this new S-18380 model had all the makings of a standout. Could this new box possibly live up to the hype? We needed to find out.

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Dude Perfect pulls off some impressive trick shots with the 2-In-1 Demolisher and Mega Thunderbow.

Remember when Hasbro announced that the guys from Dude Perfect would be teaming up with Nerf Nation to create the first-ever “crowdsourced” video? Well, we received word from Hasbro this morning that the fruits of the collaboration are upon us. We’re happy to share Dude Perfect’s latest video, featuring the stunt suggestions from Nerf Nation. Kind of makes you want to go out and try some of these stunts yourself, doesn’t it?

Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow Banner

Will this bow win girls’ hearts, or merely leave them heartbroken?  

The Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow was the first Rebelle product announced back in early 2013, has been in stores for about a year now, has sold exceptionally well, and has even inspired a number of similar “blasters for girls” products from other companies. So, why haven’t we done a review of it already? Well, Hasbro never sent us one… or any Rebelle products, for that matter. But after we explained that the number one search term people use to find our site was “Rebelle,” and that some of our most popular stories have been about Rebelle products, they finally got the message and sent a few different (if older) models our way. So, our thanks to Hasbro for hooking us up, and our apologies to readers for the delay in this review. We sincerely hope this will be the first of many Rebelle product reviews to come.

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Nerf Hammer Combat Kit Small

This is one hammer that won’t hurt ‘em.

With simultaneous apologies to the Reverend Stanley Burrell for the abuse of his lyrics, and thanks to the creative minds at Perpetual Play Group for developing the recently released Zombie Strike Hammer Combat Kit, Nerf fans can finally proclaim: “it’s hammer time.” For those not familiar, Nerf licensee Perpetual Play Group designs and builds accessories that complement an existing or future Nerf program. As we outlined in our recent interview with PPG, they don’t create blasters, and they don’t produce ammo. What they do instead is figure out what you can do with the hand that is not already holding a blaster. And in this case, that means wielding an awesome-looking foam hammer!

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