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We’re heading to NYC to meet with Hasbro, Mattel, Zuru, K’Nex, and more!

Many of you have asked if Blaster Labs will be attending the American International Toy Fair in New York City on February 15th, and the answer is a definite YES! We’ve been pretty busy lately covering all the new product announcements from Hasbro, K’NEX, and others, but make no mistake–Blaster Labs will be on-site at the Jacob Javits Center for the first day of the show. We already have our press passes, our train tickets are reserved, and we have appointments set-up with all the major blaster manufacturers. So we’re ready to dive-in and cover all the breaking news, just like we did in 2014!

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The infamous “gray trigger” goes global. Does it matter? 

The new Nerf N-Strike Mega BigShock is a curious little beast. Essentially a plus-sized Nerf N-Strike Jolt, the single-shot BigShock hit the market in early 2015 with a Mega-inspired aesthetic, and a curious detail that caught many in the Nerf Internet Community by surprise–the version being sold at retail had a gray firing trigger instead of the orange trigger shown in product illustrations. And while this sounds like a trivial detail, a Nerf blaster with a gray trigger is typically indicative of a lower-performance model that was designed for release in markets such as Australia, where safety standards are stricter than most other countries. Or so it is widely believed. However, that original “gray trigger” Scarlet Letter was based on user experience versus anything official from Hasbro. In fact, Hasbro originally went so far as to hint that there wasn’t any difference in performance at all, and that product packaging simply hadn’t been updated for some markets to reflect the latest range testing. So here we are with a gray trigger Mega blaster, and what’s more, one that comes without any of the typical “Elite” branding that would indicate range potentials of 75 feet or more. So the question remains: is this a “nerfed” Mega model, or is the infamous gray trigger a non-issue when it comes to the BigShock’s performance?

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K'NEX K-Force New Info
Blaster Labs Exclusive

All the info on K’NEX brand’s Nerf-compatible darts, blaster sets, prices, and more!

With the UK Toy Fair well under way, new information has been hitting the web on all kinds of 2015 products, including the all-new K’NEX construction toys K-FORCE line of “Build and Blast” products. Fortunately for us, we don’t have to go overseas to get information on the new K’NEX products–the company’s headquarters is right here near us in Pennsylvania. And even though the U.S. launch of K-FORCE products is set for debut in February, our contacts at K’NEX have been kind enough to give Blaster Labs an exclusive overview of their all-new line of products. Let’s dive-in and see what’s in store for 2015!

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Hasbro has flipped-out with an over-the-top, multi-drum Zombie Strike blaster!

A few days ago, stand-up comedian Chris Hardwick’s blog “” got the scoop on the all-new Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator. It’s not terribly uncommon for non-Nerf sites like Popular Science, Gizmodo and others to get exclusive reveals of big-ticket Nerf products, given how these sites aim to appeal to mass audiences versus the Nerf Internet Community (and have appealingly high site traffic numbers, as a result). However, these sites tend to be fast and loose with accuracy and fact-checking, particularly when it comes to details the Nerf community cares about. So before we ran anything about the Zombie Strike Doominator ourselves, we checked-in with the folks at Hasbro to see what we could learn.

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Nerf Modulus New Info Banner

New info from UK Toy Fair and UK toy distributor product listing.

With the UK Toy Fair well under across the pond, we not surprised to be getting reports about new and upcoming Nerf blasters. What we didn’t expect, however, was any significant information about the Nerf Modulus line of modular products, which we anticipated would be introduced later in the year with a Vortex-type mid-summer dedicated product launch. Nonetheless, new details are emerging about the first blaster and related accessory kits in the Modulus line, so we’ll share what we’ve learned so far!

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The leaked Nerf Mega Berzerker gets a new name and a high-res image!

Recently we were contacted by Hasbro’s PR folks about an exclusive product reveal that would be heading our way prior to the UK Toy Fair. The information they gave us late last week was under embargo until now, but we’re pleased to finally be able to share a few details about a product many of us have been wondering about since the product roadmap leak that happened a few months ago. So without further delay, here it is: the debut of the Nerf Mega RotoFury (formerly Berzerker) blaster!

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