Next up in the series is one of our favorites blasters of the year!

Don’t look now, but there’s another “behind-the-blaster” video that is about to hit the official Nerf Facebook page. As with the prior videos in this series, we’ve been given an early look before it goes public. In this case, the blaster in question is the Nerf MEGA RotoFury, and it’s being discussed by none other than the legendary Brian Jablonski, the main man (and heck of a nice guy) behind Nerf blaster product design. And while they aren’t any real revelations about the RotoFury in this video, we still love seeing this big, red beast in action. It’s one of our favorite, new Nerf blasters to have come out this year (and one of the very few that I personally keep on-hand for my own, regular use). If you haven’t checked out the Nerf MEGA RotoFury yet, give it a look. It’s every bit as fun as Brian would lead you to believe!

Nerf Star Wars Banner Small

New Star Wars-themed Nerf blasters spotted online ahead of schedule. 

It’s not quite September 4th (“Force Friday,” per Hasbro), but thanks to a thing called the Internet, we already have a pretty good idea of what toys will be introduced as part of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise tie-in. Of particular note to fans of Nerf are the four new blasters that have made an appearance (well, make that three blasters, and one spaceship/blaster amalgamation). We’ve reached out to Hasbro for official specs and imagery, but until we hear back from them–likely on or around September 4th–we’ll have to go off of what we’ve collected from various Star Wars fan sights across the web. Here’s everything we know… or think we know!

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Whatever it’s called, this BOOMco beast still looks awesome! 

There’s been a lot of Nerf action of late, particularly with our epic visit to Hasbro in Rhode Island and recent retail releases of the all-new RIVAL series (among other notable blasters like the Doominator, RotoFury, etc.). But that doesn’t mean the crew at Mattel’s BOOMco line have been taking time off. In fact, we’ve been keeping in touch with the gang, and there’s a lot of new products heading our way. For now, we wanted to go ahead and post a video of one such item that doesn’t appear to have yet shown-up on YouTube–the Mattel BOOMco Triple Tornado (or Spinsanity 3X, as we were told at Toy Fair). This video surfaced on Vimeo not too long ago, so it’s unclear whether or not it was intentionally made public, or if someone got an early copy of the clip. Either way, here’s the Spinsan… ahem, Triple Tornado, in all its glory. Note the extendable shoulder stock in the Tornado–a feature not included in the original Spinsanity prototype. Looking good, BOOMco… looking good.

8/19 UPDATE: A Sr. Manager at Mattel provided a statement regarding the posting of this video over at Gizmodo’s Toyland: “Not sure how this product sizzle was leaked, but it’s over a year old. That said, it is pretty representative of the final product. The final has a blue deco (which is cooler imo) and some other aesthetic tweaks but is almost the same as this. I’m really proud of this lean, mean blasting machine – hope you guys dig it!” “Oh, and the shoulder stock is gone, unfortunately.”

8/21 UPDATE: Aaaand… the video is gone. Although no one at Mattel contacted us about the video, it appears someone over there didn’t want this version to be seen. We don’t blame them, since it apparently contained some outdated information regarding the final product. Hopefully a NEW video to promote the production version will appear shortly to take its place. Until then, here’s our original look at the Spinsanity from Toy Fair 2015!

Apollo XV-700 - Header

The high-FPS revolution starts here–and it’s only $25! 

Have you read our review of the Nerf RIVAL Zeus MKV-1200? You should, because the big, bad Zeus is one of the best blasters currently on the market. But the smaller, cheaper Apollo XV-700 spring-powered RIVAL blaster is a better value. If you’re the type with a short attention span, here’s what you need to know: versus the Zeus, the Apollo shoots farther, it can reach higher projectile velocities, it’s lighter, it’s quieter, it’s cheaper, and it has the potential to hold more ammo. Oh, and it feels even more satisfying to use than its bigger brother. No, it’s not the best foam shooter ever made, but for a non-modified blaster you can buy right off the shelf, it’s pretty darn good. In fact, in most regards, it’s our RIVAL blaster of choice.

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The latest promotional spot digs a little deeper into product development (finally). 

Sick of us talking about Nerf RIVAL yet? Good. Because we’ve got more promotional material in the form of this video from Hasbro, as well as a full review of the RIVAL Apollo XV-700 that is currently in the works. Fortunately, this particular video is one of the better ones we’ve seen in the “Behind the Blaster” series because it actually starts to go, you know, behind-the-scenes (a little). No, there’s nothing terribly unexpected, but we do get to hear from Dan Matarese, one of the project engineers behind the RIVAL line. We also learn the new series was in development for over 4 years (longer than the usual 2 or perhaps 3 years we’ve heard in the past). And if you look closely, there are even hints of prototypes in the background behind Dan, which are always cool to see. All told, it’s an improvement over previous videos in the series, and well worth a watch if you have interest in what RIVAL is all about.

Nerf Fan Ambassador Meet-up

Here’s everything we can tell you from the exclusive, 8/6/15 event!

About this time last year, Hasbro invited us to their “All Access” event in NYC. It was a chance to try out the fall line-up of blasters (most of which we had already experienced at Toy Fair), but more importantly, it was an opportunity to get some rare one-on-one time with key people from the Nerf team at Hasbro. Admittedly, we took full advantage of this by ignoring the blasters themselves, and instead spending as much time as we could with the Nerf team, hoping to gain critical insight on the inner-workings of product planning, retail relations, manufacturing, and other factors that are the real motivators behind what is likely to end up on store shelves. Our efforts were rewarded with information about the end of Vortex, the decision not to produce any new external MEGA magazines, a confirmation of a special holiday blaster, and hints regarding what we now know as Modulus. In short, we learned more in 2 hours than we typically learn in weeks (if not months) of the usual media cycle. So, as soon as the event was over, we began asking when we could spend time more time with Hasbro execs–preferably even on-site. And now, thanks to the hard-working people at Hasbro’s Nerf PR firm, our wishes have been granted–we have just visited the world headquarters for all things Nerf.

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