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A bullpup design that stands the test of time. 

It’s been said that you should never meet your hero. Inevitably, they will fail to live up to the expectations you have created for them. It was this fear of unmet expectations, perhaps, that made our review of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rayven CS-12 Stinger so long in coming. We have no shortage of toy blasters at our disposal, but for me, the Stinger is a personal favorite. It’s the weapon I have hanging from a hook under my desk, ready for action at a moment’s notice. It’s a blaster that I purchased with my own money, and that no one else on our team uses. It’s a product so obscure, all but die-hard Nerf fans even know what it is, or why it’s different. And, unfortunately for me, it’s also one item on our list that is way overdue for a review.

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When you need absolute backyard water warfare domination. 

A start-up company named Tinnus Enterprises out of Plano, Texas may have the most significant advancement to have been introduced to water warfare since the invention of the squirt gun. By stretching 37 balloons over small “straws,” each of which is attached to a head that is fed by a garden hose, all of the balloons can be filled with water at the same time. A gentle shake releases the biodegradable balloons for use. Tinnus is seeking funding via Kickstarter now, and has already exceed their goal more than 50 times over with weeks left to go. Get in on it while you still can!

Scorpion | Motorized Automatic Gatling Blaster | Dart Zone Covert Ops | Prime Time Toys | Header

Quite possibly the best value in the blaster market today. 

In the course of doing product reviews, it’s not uncommon to receive a highly anticipated item, only to have it fall flat during testing. Those can be hard reviews to write, because the manufacturer is often very excited about what they’ve sent us, yet we still have to be honest in our findings. And sometimes those findings are not very flattering. But every so often, the opposite happens. In the case of the Dart Zone Covert Ops Scorpion Gatling Blaster, “the opposite” happened in a big way. In fact, this just might be one of the most refreshing–and frankly, most surprising–products to come our way so far this year.

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BOOMco Whipblast Review small header

One brilliant firing mechanic marred by one blatant usability oversight.

What’s the point of making a blaster that can be primed with one hand, only to then make it a muzzle-loader that requires a second hand to feed it? That’s the first thing we wondered about the BOOMco Whipblast, which is otherwise one of the more interesting pieces to come from Mattel’s new blaster brand. And if that glaring usability flaw is enough to turn you off from this intriguing design, we honestly wouldn’t blame you. Nonetheless, we set out to examine this intriguing blaster a little closer, to see if that one misstep alone would be its defining characteristic.

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New info and images of the all-new, girl-oriented blasters from Buzz Bee!

Along with the new “toys for boys” category of blaster products we recently announced as part of Buzz Bee’s fall 2014 line-up, we’ve also been given exclusive imagery and details for the all-new “Wingz” line of blasters from Buzz Bee Toys. These new blasters are being aimed specifically toward a younger female audience (5 and up) than products from competitors, and will be a fall, 2014 Target exclusive.

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Blaster Labs Exclusive

We get the first look before it comes to Wal-Mart this fall for just $19.99!

Thanks to our friends at Prime Time Toys, the leading name behind the well-known “Air Zone” brand, we’re please to be the first to announce the new Dart Zone Covert Ops “Scorpion” Gatling Blaster, coming exclusively to Wal-Mart this fall! Although similar to the Air Zone Quickfire ($44.99) in concept, the flywheel-based Scorpion will be priced at an incredible $19.99, will come complete with 20 Super Darts and a claimed range of 70 feet! Some quick hands-on testing indicates ranges in excess of 70 feet, a decent rate of fire, and dart velocities of up to 100 feet-per second. This could be one of the best blaster deals of the year. We’ll have a full review soon!