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The 2015 Nerf image leaks continue with two new blasters!

Thanks to Nerf fans on Reddit (Marcus H. and SBNC), as well as Blaster Labs reader “Tom” from Germany, we now have detailed images of two more Nerf blasters first outed in the 2015 product road map leak. The two new blasters in question are the Nerf N-Strike Elite Zombie Strike FlipFury, and the Nerf N-Strike Elite SharpFire. Of the two new blasters, the FlipFury looks to be the most impressive, and will likely generate the most interest (and it sure looks cool as anything). But the oddball SharpFire makes a case for perhaps being the most mysterious.

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More leaked shots heighten anticipation of the Mega line’s first, rotating barrel blaster. 

While we await official confirmation from Hasbro regarding any of the leaked products from the 2015 roadmap, more and more images of these upcoming Nerf blasters continue to be outed. This time, Rob from SBNC in Australia was the one to uncover a slew of new, close-up Mega CycloneShock images via the Chinese e-commerce site, TaoBao. So, hold on to your hats… it’s time for some Mega CycloneShock pic spam!

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Can the Retaliator’s sibling hold its own, or is it a mere slave to fashion? 

The Nerf Rebelle Rapid Glow “Super Stripes” is a curious creature. Sold as part of the Toys “R” Us-exclusive “Super Stripes” line of Rebelle products, it is essentially the inner-workings of a Nerf Elite Retaliator, partnered with the glow tech ammo clip from a Nerf Elite Rayven CS-18, encased in a female-friendly Rebelle shell, and made more unique via the “Super Stripes” zebra markings. It may be a bit of a parts-bin raid, but at least it’s not a straight-up recolor like we’ve seen from other brands. Still, it does raise a few questions as to whether it gives up functionality for aesthetics.

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Hasbro Growth Banner

Hasbro grows while others slow. Can Mattel gain ground? 

We don’t always report on the corporate happenings of Nerf’s parent company, Hasbro. But this week, their stock hit an all-time high, with the Nerf brand credit as a key factor in this growth. In fact, Hasbro’s largest growth was in the “toys for boys” segment, which showed a 22% gain in revenue. And as we’re all well aware, that category includes a name we know and love: Nerf. But what does this growth mean for the segment as a whole, and Hasbro’s top competitors, in particular?

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Blaster Labs Retail Sightings Small
Blaster Labs Exclusive

We hit-up the local Toys “R” Us and Kmart aisles to see what’s new. 

Most of this fall’s blaster line-up has not only been revealed, but has already hit store shelves. Nonetheless, there are always a few items that go under the radar and fail to get much coverage. And with new products on shelves, that also means some good deals can be found, if you know where to look. With all that in mind, we took a peak at our local Toys “R” Us and Kmart to see what we could find. So let’s dive-in (fair warning: lots of pics ahead)!

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2015 BOOMco Line-Up Banner

Will any of these products renew interest in BOOMco? Take our survey and tell the world!

Along with the massive 2015 Nerf product leak, blogger “Buffdaddy” has also spotted a number of new, 2015 Mattel BOOMco products that have yet to be announced. As before, he located these new products primarily by searching through listings on two German shopping sites: www.familienshopping24.de and www.dvbshop.net, but this time, good old www.target.com helped spill the beans, too. And while some of the listings have already been removed, thanks to Buffdaddy, we still have info on all the new items. The question is, are they anything we really want, or is Mattel taking BOOMco in the wrong direction? We’ll break down all the new models and give you a chance to tell us what you think!

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