Blaster Labs Exclusive

We get the first look before it comes to Wal-Mart this fall for just $19.99!

Thanks to our friends at Prime Time Toys, the leading name behind the well-known “Air Zone” brand, we’re please to be the first to announce the new Dart Zone Covert Ops “Scorpion” Gatling Blaster, coming exclusively to Wal-Mart this fall! Although similar to the Air Zone Quickfire ($44.99) in concept, the flywheel-based Scorpion will be priced at an incredible $19.99, will come complete with 20 Super Darts and a claimed range of 70 feet! Some quick hands-on testing indicates ranges in excess of 70 feet, a decent rate of fire, and dart velocities of up to 100 feet-per second. This could be one of the best blaster deals of the year. We’ll have a full review soon!

Second Quarter 2014 Earnings Presentation

We listen-in on the call to find out how the parent company of Nerf is doing. 

Hasbro, Inc. provided its investors with key insights on the health of the company during a conference call this morning. Although we have no financial interest in Hasbro (corporately or individually), we were nonetheless curious to hear how they were doing, and how their various Nerf properties, in particular, were making out so far this year.

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Buzz Bee New Products Small
Blaster Labs Exclusive

New info and high-res imagery of all the latest blasters from Buzz Bee!

We’ve seen grainy images and a few trademark registrations hinting at the new products Buzz Bee Toys has in store for us this fall, but now we’re getting detailed information on all the new blasters, straight from the manufacturer. Buzz Bee has been kind enough to share with us high resolution imagery, pricing, and key details for five products headed our way in a few weeks.

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Un-aired video from new Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Thunderbow and Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster commercials.

The folks at Hasbro’s PR company were kind enough to share with us a new Nerf brand video featuring footage of the Elite Mega Thunderbow and Demolisher 2-in-1 blasters that have yet to air. Here’s a sneak peek at the new content!

BGnG Banner Small

Team-based, ultra-realistic shooter simulation seeks funding on Kickstarter.  

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I wish Call of Duty was a little more realistic,” you should join the military. But if you’re not quite up for that level of realism just yet, a group out of Atlanta, Georgia, has something that might be more your speed. They’re hoping to raise $125,000 by August 4th in order to bring Hollywood-style special effects and US Military-level combat gear to a combat / horror survival experience unlike anything seen on your TV screen or the local laserdome.

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Even a shaky, low-res video can’t dampen our enthusiasm for this beast. 

Thanks to “a_h_” on Instagram, we now have a first look at the Nerf Rhino-Fire actually firing, with some fully automatic, double barrel action. As we previously reported, this flywheel-based bad-boy is slated to fire at distances of up to 90 feet and has a 50 dart capacity. It’ll also be a Wal-Mart exclusive stateside, although this video from an Argos in the UK certainly implies there will be some level of international availability. Keep it here for all the latest updates on the Nerf Rhino-Fire!