Nerf-DoomLands PPG Accessories Banner

New DoomLands-themed accessories to be produced by Perpetual Play Group.

It was just last week that we received official word from Hasbro’s PR team about the all-new “DoomLands 2169” series of Nerf products. We were given a tease that additional, exclusive information would be forthcoming, and now we’re finally getting the scoop. It looks like Hasbro has teamed with their licensed partner Perpetual Play Group for a couple new, DoomLands-themed accessories.

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Here’s the first promo of the all-new Nerf Z.S. Doominator in action!

Thanks to our friend “Nerfmaster8″ on Reddit (sent to him from “Darren Booth”), we’re now getting another look at the Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator via the above ad spot. Although branded as a Smyth’s exclusive for the UK, this is the same Doominator that we enjoyed so much at Toy Fair in NYC, and that will be hitting store shelves across the US shortly. You’ll note the model in the ad is holding the Doominator the same way we’ve been recommending–with the priming bar out to one side (not underneath the barrel, where space for the priming action is limited due to the dart drum cylinders). Much like the Zombie Strike FlipFury, we expect the Doominator to be one of those over-the-top blasters that manages to pull out respectable performance while still being incredibly fun!

Nerf DoomLands 2169 Banner

New sci-fi / western product line a Target exclusive coming August 1st! 

Recently a logo spotted on a Hasbro partner website combined with a series of leaked product images from the Far East gave us hints about a new line of products being added to the Nerf stable. The post-apocalyptic “DoomLands 2169″ name and vaguely sci-fi / western blaster designs gave strong indications about where this series was headed in terms of storyline and overall aesthetic. Yet, when we inquired with Hasbro about anything official, we were told we would need to wait until Comic-Con in early July. Well, it looks like the internet has won again, as our friends at Gizmodo’s Toyland shared with us what appeared to be the first official images and details of this all-new line, and now Hasbro has ponied-up and provided us with more details, direct from the source. Giddy-up!

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Nerf Modulus Review Banner

We’re not going to do a review of the Nerf Modulus. Here’s Why.

There’s no shortage of Nerf YouTubers out there doing Nerf N-Strike Modulus reviews right now, so if you want a straight-up Modulus review, you won’t have trouble finding one. But they’re all kind of a waste, and we’re going to tell you why. It’s not the fault of the YouTubers. They’re just part of the product release news cycle, and the Nerf Modulus has been touted by Hasbro as one of the biggest new products of the year. So we don’t blame them. The problem is, Modulus, at its core, is not really new. And more importantly, it’s not what we wanted. It’s not what the NIC wanted. And it’s probably not what you want, either. But there’s one group, in particular, that does want the Modulus. And once you realize who it is, the missed opportunity that is the Nerf N-Strike Modulus all starts to make sense.

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Flashflood - Nerf - Header

This water blaster struggles to escape its own lineage.  

What’s in a name? If your name is “Flash Flood,” and you’re a Super Soaker product, then the answer is “quite a lot.” In this case, the new-for-2015 Nerf Super Soaker FlashFlood (one word) has intentionally been given a name that is just a spacebar click away from the 2005-era Flash Flood (two words). This is significant, since the original Flash Flood featured the now-legendary Constant Pressure System (CPS), which utilized a flexible bladder to apply more pressure to the water than is generally possible by compressed air alone. The new-for-2015 FlashFlood, however, has neither the CPS system, nor a trigger of any sort, but it does feature a dual nozzle system. Is this nozzle novelty enough to warrant the virtual re-use of the Flash Flood name, despite the lack of the beloved constant pressure technology?

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Nerf Rebelle Charmed Banner

And the award for the ugliest, most patronizing toy of the year goes to… 

Yesterday, an ad-strewn, tween-oriented celebrity gossip website we’ve never heard of called “M Magazine” somehow got an exclusive on an all-new line of Nerf Rebelle blasters called “Charmed.” It’s probably just as well, because this could be one of the most cynical, most taste-challenged product lines we’ve ever seen. Each product in the Target-exclusive Charmed blaster range comes with some combination of bracelet and charms (surprise), but otherwise appear to be what amounts to re-shelled versions of existing Nerf blasters strewn with excess ornamentation and heavy-handed detailing. Read-on for the depressing details.

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