Breakflip BOOMco Blaster Small Header

We first spotted it as a rendering, now we’re seeing the final product!

Back in early April we had the pleasure of conducting a brief, exclusive-access interview with the core team at Mattel’s BOOMco blaster brand. The BOOM Brothers (Andy and Tyler) were kind enough to also share a few “behind-the-scenes” images from their offices, and it didn’t take long before we spotted designs for blasters that hadn’t yet been officially announced. Among them was a small blaster that appeared to be some type of WhipBlast / sawed-off shotgun-hybrid. We now know that this blaster is officially called the Breakflip, and it appears to be ready to hit retail shelves in the near future!

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Hydro Bow - SwmWays - Header

The bow craze hits the water gun market. We test one of the more unique designs.

It sure must have seemed like a good idea at the time… With bow-type toy guns all the rage these days, why not create a water gun in the form of a bow instead of a blaster? The bow arms can act as reservoirs, and instead of shooting arrows or darts, the bow would shoot water. It could be given a simple name like “Hydro Bow,” and if it’s priced around $20 and released in time for summer, it would surely be a hit. No brainer, right?

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Dynamag - BOOMco - Header

A slightly better execution could have made this one a star. 

We’ll admit it: for us, the BOOMco Dynamag was love at first site. Finally, we were being given a BOOMco blaster that could be primed manually, had a real trigger, and that used BOOMco ammo clips. It also happened to have a form factor that was exactly what we wanted, in that it was neither too big to be useful, nor so small as to be uncomfortable. It also didn’t hurt that the 2×3 row of Smart Stick darts protruding from the front-end gave the Dynamag a slightly menacing look. In theory, this blaster was looking to be an instant classic, perhaps not unlike the beloved Nerf Maverick from years ago. Unfortunately, the reality of the Dynamag intruded on our love-fest a bit, and in the end, we were inclined to give this blaster a “let’s just be friends” send-off.

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SlingStrike Slingshot - Nerf - Header

Nerf gets its first slingshot. We test to see if it’s a worthy addition to the line-up.

Hasbro promotes the Nerf N-Strike SlingStrike as “the first-ever Nerf dart-firing slingshot.” Whether or not that’s a good thing depends entirely on one’s perception of slingshots. If your name is David and you’re up against a giant Philistine named Goliath, a slingshot is apparently good to have (for the record, David would have used what’s known as a “Shepherd’s Sling,” which is a bit more rudimentary). For everyone else born in the last few hundred years, the idea of a slingshot to propel munitions seems rather antiquated. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the idea of a Nerf slingshot is a bad one, particularly if it’s fun. So we set out to determine whether or not a slingshot has any business being in the Nerf product range.

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Dartsplosion - BOOMco - Header

Mattel’s second battery-powered, rapid-fire blaster is a stunner!

It wasn’t that long ago we introduced the world to the BOOMco Spinsanity, the first-ever motorized blaster in Mattel’s line-up. And as impressive as that mid-sized blaster looked and felt, the “BOOM brothers” (as the blaster boys at Mattel call themselves) appear to only be getting started! Although first outed on Reddit via Amazon Germany a day or two ago, we held up running this story on a promise from our friends at BOOMco that we would be getting some exclusive assets related to the Dartsplosion (hint: video). Unfortunately, Mattel’s US marketing team put at temporary kibosh on that, so in lieu of any official product details or images, we’re running with what’s already available online… fortunately, that’s still enough to get us pretty excited!

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The next video in the series from our friends at Hasbro highlights the CrossBolt.

Seems like every few weeks now we’re getting a new “Behind-the-Scenes” video from the brains behind everyone’s favorite blaster brand. This time we’re being shown the Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt, which is a crossbow-inspired blaster we recently reviewed. As with the other videos in the series, the blaster is being talked about by some of the people at Hasbro who are responsible for its development, so that’s pretty cool. Of course, it’s all still very much orchestrated, and the video is more promotion than actual inside information. But it’s always fun to hear from the product planners and designers first-hand, and we continue to hope this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to greater accessibility between the brand and its fans.