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More evolution than revolution… for now.

Many of you may recall us raving about our time with Zing during Toy Fair 2014. That was our first, real experience with the brand, and our positive experiences with Zing only grew stronger throughout the course of the year. We hit an all-time distance record with the Sky Ripperz of a nearly unbelievable 295 feet, enjoyed the backyard fun of the Sky Gliderz and Zoom Rocketz Six Shooter Launcher, discovered low-light fun with the Air Storm Firetek Bow, and capped off the year by giving the Sky Ripperz an Honorable Mention in our 2014 Product of the Year awards. So how was Zing going to top themselves for 2015? By iterating on current products, and giving us hints at new products to come.

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A unique look at the FlipFury from the guys responsible for the design!

It’s not every day you get to hear from the minds behind some of our most favorite blasters (and let there be no doubt–the FlipFury is definitely one of our current favorites), but this morning we were given early access to a behind-the-scenes video from Hasbro before it hits their official Facebook channel. There’s not too much here we haven’t seen already, and the true development details aren’t exactly being divulged, but it’s cool to hear from real people at Hasbro, nonetheless. We actually spent a good bit of time with Eric Huban (Dir. of Brand Development) at the All Access event last year, and found him to be very sincere, knowledgeable, and interested in what the community had to say (we spoke at length about the Centurion debacle, for example). Hopefully this video is the first indication of greater access and engagement from the Nerf design team to come.

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A nationwide search will give 20 members exclusive access to K-FORCE!

During our visit to K’NEX world headquarters last Friday, we were given a heads-up about a program that will allow 20 lucky blaster fans to join the all-new K’NEX “K-FORCE Squad.” These members will be the first to get their hands on the new K-FORCE Build and Blast line, which includes 8 different blasters, buildable targets, and foam dart packs. We learned that K-FORCE won’t be hitting store shelves until mid-May at Toys “R” Us (and July for all other retailers), so this is a chance to get in on the action early. Sound interesting? Wait until you hear about the grand prize.

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We just keep growing, and it’s all because of you!

You read the headline correctly: Blaster Labs is now receiving nearly a quarter of a million page views per month (not just in a year–every single month!). To our knowledge, that easily makes Blaster Labs the world’s most viewed Nerf fan website. It hasn’t been without a lot of late nights, emails, phone calls, train rides, cab fares, photo shoots, field tests, video edits, design revisions, and lots and lots of copywriting that we’ve reached this milestone. But the real story here isn’t how hard the Blaster Labs team has worked to reach this point–it’s how amazing the Nerf community has been in supporting us. Our success is a testament to your friendship, encouragement, and enthusiasm for what we do. It’s incredibly humbling, and we hope to earn your continued support. From all of us at Blaster Labs to you, our readers, a sincere thank you (times a quarter of a million)!

We go hands-on with the Nerf Rebelle Arrow Revolution!

The $40 Arrow Revolution bow was the star of the show at the Nerf Rebelle booth during Toy Fair ’15. This new blaster is the biggest and highest capacity Rebelle bow ever to-date. The auto-feed, rotating quiver is a trick device that enables the user to more easily load arrows after each shot. And as we reported previously, the Revolution can hold six whistling arrows that Hasbro claims will hit ranges of up to 90 feet. Check out the video of the Revolution in action, along with a few other products in the Rebelle line due to hit store shelves later this year!

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Blaster Labs Exclusive

Not everything was answered at Toy Fair, so we sent them our questions!

At Toy Fair ’15, we visited the Nerf booth with all kinds of questions culled from members of the Nerf sub-Reddit. As is often the case, some of our questions were answered on the spot, but many were not able to be answered during our visit (sometimes the PR folks simply don’t know the answers). But rather than go home empty-handed, we sent the PR team our list of unanswered questions in the hopes they would get some official responses. And just yesterday, they came back with a few replies.

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